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More and more potential homebuyers are looking for smart-home technology for their next residence, around 77 percent want a smart thermostat while 66 percent want smart home security cameras. Smart Home Elevation can help with these upgrades and more! If you make several smart upgrades to your home, a home automation system can help you automate the function of your devices, making them easy and convenient for you to use.

1-Home Security Cameras
Cameras can be placed in doorbells, perimeter cameras, and cameras inside your home to let you see what’s happening and detect activity whether you’re at work or on vacation. These upgrades can protect your family and home discreetly without stressing your loved ones.

2-Motion Sensors and Smart Security
You can add sensors that can spot motion, broken glass, smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding or access of a door or window, alerting you of a possible break-in.

3-Smart Thermostats
Installing a smart thermostat with extra temperature sensors is a great way to help manage your heating and cooling systems more efficiently.

4-Built-In Speakers
Audio equipment can potentially take up substantial space in your home and you don’t want wires all over the place messing up the aesthetic appeal of a room. Installing custom speaker systems into your home’s construction (walls, ceiling and cabinetry) can blend in with your decor and make the room feel more restive visually.

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As you can see, making smart home automation upgrades can make your home life more comfortable, convenient and secure while appealing to future potential buyers should you decide to sell at some point. At Elevate Automation in Utah, our experienced team can give you the state-of-the-art home solutions you want! We welcome you to call our office to speak to a team member or schedule an initial consultation.