4 Smart Home Upgrades That Will Catapult Your Home Into the 21st Century

More and more potential homebuyers are looking for smart-home technology for their next residence, around 77 percent want a smart thermostat while 66 percent want smart home security cameras. Smart Home Elevation can help with these upgrades and more! If you make several smart upgrades to your home, a home... Read more »

Enhance Your Residential Experience With a Home Theater or Audio Set Up

At Elevate Automation in Utah, we are excited to be your source for the quality home automation features you want for your residence. Our team has the expertise to help you achieve your vision and goals when it comes to the latest in-home theater entertainment for audio, lighting, and visual... Read more »

Elevate Your Home’s Ambiance With the Right Kind of Lighting for Each Room

The right kind of lighting has the power to transform your living space. Our team at Elevate Automation is pleased to offer Utah Homeowners an array of lighting options for your residence. Proper lighting will have you and your family spending more time in certain rooms, making the most of... Read more »

You Can Save Money This Summer With the Help of a Smart Home Thermostat

Summer is around the corner, and with it, higher electric bills from running your air conditioner. As the heat index rises, you want to make sure you maximize your home's energy savings. As a Utah homeowner, you can do this with the help of a smart thermostat. Today's state-of-the-art thermostats... Read more »

Would You Like to Protect Your Home and Loved Ones With a State of the Art Security System?

Elevate Automation is pleased to serve Utah homeowners with high-quality surveillance systems to keep your loved ones and your home safe 24-hours a day. We provide cameras which are state-of-the-art along, with sensors and burglar alarms that can be accessed remotely. Any time of day no matter where you are... Read more »

Enhance Your Home Audio Experience With the Help of Dolby Atmos

If you are a homeowner in Utah and are looking for home automation, look no further than Elevate Automation! We have been helping homeowners create the house of their dreams using smart home solutions including innovative audio systems. Sound can boost your mood and help you create memories with your... Read more »

Start the New Year With a Central Vacuum System and Streamline Your Household Chores

As a Utah homeowner, smart home technology with Elevate Automation can give you a new level of control, comfort and convenience to free up extra time and energy! Streamlining daily tasks give you the freedom to spend more time doing what you love with who you love! Switching to a... Read more »

Enjoy the Cozy Comforts of a Home Theater This Winter With the Help of Elevate Automation!

Winter is here and with it, the cold dreary Utah weather. When you aren't skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or snowshoeing, indoor entertainment this time of year is highly appealing. Gathering with loved ones to enjoy the creature comforts of your home, sipping cider or cocoa and watching your favorite films... Read more »

Lighting in the Home Can Affect Both Your Physical and Emotional Health

When it comes to smart home automation for homeowners in Utah, look no further than Elevate Automation! We offer the latest in leading-edge technology including home lighting to enhance your home living. Emotional Health Did you know that mood lightening has an impact on your emotions? Or that bad or... Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Having a Smart Thermostat Regulate the Comfort Level of Your Home?

At Elevate Automation, we have been providing leading-edge smart home technology for satisfied Utah homeowners for years. We specialize in home theater, security, audio, surveillance, lighting, and more tailored to your individual needs. Many people enjoy having a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature in the home. Is this something... Read more »