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As a Utah homeowner, smart home technology with Elevate Automation can give you a new level of control, comfort and convenience to free up extra time and energy! Streamlining daily tasks give you the freedom to spend more time doing what you love with who you love! Switching to a central vacuum is one of those modern conveniences.

The Beauty of Central Vacuums

Installing a central vacuum to get the latest in vacuum technology in your smart home can offer you efficiency, extra cleaning power and better air quality. Using a lightweight hose, central vacuums eliminate the need for carrying or lifting a heavy vacuum, getting in the way of a dangling cord or dragging around a bulky unit. It even cuts down on the noise as you clean!

It can effectively get rid of virtually all of the dirt, dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and various allergens lingering in your home thanks to its high-powered suction. If you or someone in your home suffers from seasonal or year-round allergies, a central vacuum system can offer measurable relief. Once installed, it typically requires cleaning once a year and maintenance only instead of replacement.

Why Wait?

Why not consider investing in a central vacuum system for your smart home? It can improve your home’s indoor air quality while being a smart investment in time, money, and health. At Elevate Automation in Utah, our professionals can install a central vacuum and the money you spend now will come back to you if you decide to sell your home later. You can call our team today at 801-901-8840 to schedule a consultation!