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At Elevate Automation, we have been providing leading-edge smart home technology for satisfied Utah homeowners for years. We specialize in home theater, security, audio, surveillance, lighting, and more tailored to your individual needs. Many people enjoy having a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature in the home. Is this something you have considered?

Thanks to modern technology, thermostats today come with Wi-Fi, sensors, and advanced algorithms to provide a state-of-the art experience in heating and air conditioning. Take a look at some of the common reasons people are upgrading their home thermostat:

Some smart thermostats can link to and exchange information with home devices like humidifiers and purifiers.

Energy Report
This feature of a smart thermostat gives you energy reports outlining the energy activity, how much it might cost you and then recommend temperature adjustments to reap savings.

Some thermostats come with a learning function. Relying on sensors, smart thermostats can learn when people are active in the home and adjust the heating/cooling zones. With Utah’s four seasons, your smart home thermostat can regulate the shifting seasonal schedule.

Remote Control
A mobile apps can let you check and control your home temperatures remotely via your data/Wi-Fi connection.

Smart thermostats save you money on the energy output in your home. For heating and cooling, you can program a schedule that follows the manufacturers recommended temperature zones and saving money on your monthly energy bill.

Technology allows your smart thermostat to monitor the movement of occupants in the home and then note this activity to adjust the temperatures accordingly.

Visual Appeal
Using large, stylized temperature readings coupled with simple interfaces, you can easily read the smart thermostat screen, unlike older, traditional models.

Weather Tracking
Some smart home thermostats can track local weather and adjust the heating and cooling temperatures.

If you are looking for an upgrade to your home thermostat, our Elevate Automation professionals invite you to call today at 801-901-8840 or book a consultation in your home online.