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With the holidays in full swing and a new year around the corner, have you considered installing some smart-home features in your home? At Elevated Automation in Utah, we want to be your source for the quality home automation features you are looking for.

If you have purchased a home that allows you to incorporate state of the art technology with modern conveniences, we can help you convert your home into your dream home! Our experienced team has the expertise and skill to put into practice what you envision and offer you the latest in-home theater, security, audio, surveillance, and lighting, for starters.

What We Offer

-Smart Home Solutions – with our help you can make your home more convenient as well as secure. Our products and appliances can help you customize your very own smart home including state-of-the-art surveillance and security systems.

-Theatrical Experiences – we offer the latest technology such as Dolby Atmos to help you create a home theater you, your family and friends will love. We will make sure your audio, lighting, and visuals are all covered for top-notch performance.

-High-Definition Audio – sound quality is one of the things we specialize in, so you can listen to your playlist or enjoy your home theater setup with surround sound precision and high-definition audio on demand.

Protecting your investment and caring for your home theater or audio system is also simple. To keep your equipment and high-quality components in good shape and continue receiving a crisp, clear entertainment experience, don’t forget to clean it periodically. You’ll want to keep it free from lint, pet dander, dust and fingerprints.¬†We recommend turning off the equipment before you spray anything.

Cleaning 1-2-3

-Don’t use abrasive cleaning fluids! Use a cleaning agent made especially for electronic equipment.
-A microfiber cleaning cloth can remove dust from your TV screen and audio speakers, just wipe gently to avoid scratching.
-If there is dust in a small space where a cloth can’t reach, you can use a can of pressurized air to clean.

If you are looking to upgrading features in your home with entertainment in mind or wanting to install a home theater or audio equipment, our friendly team at Elevate Automation in Utah is ready to help. If you have any questions about cleaning or maintaining the equipment we have installed in your home, you can always call us at 801-901-8840 to speak to one of our representatives.