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Remember the Jetsons, the early 1960’s animated TV show about family life set in the future? If so, you’ll probably remember being impressed with all the gadgets and labor-saving devices depicted for modern living. Back then, the smart gadgets we have available today were just an idea in the making. Now they are an ever-advancing reality to make life easier, interesting and fun!

If you’ve ever left the house and forgotten if you’ve turned an appliance off, there are ways to handle that remotely just by using your smartphone or tablet. Today’s technology is equipped to talk to each other as well as with you. Your electrical devices can be added to your home network and managed.

Home automation involves managing home security, lighting, thermostat regulation and home theater and entertainment. Using your smartphone or tablet computers allow you to control your devices through your internet connections. They can make your devices more energy efficient to save you money as well. What kinds of options are available to you with smart home technology?

Smart Home Technology

-Your washer and dryer can send you a text that a cycle is complete.
-Your refrigerator can provide you with recipes by tracking the ingredients it currently has in it.
-Your coffee maker can be turned on before you even get out of bed.
-If you want to monitor your child’s television viewing habits, you can program the TV to work during scheduled times.
-A smart trash can watch the things you are throwing in it and order replacements online.
-You can regulate the thermostat to be warmer when you get out of bed in the morning.
-You can maintain a lighted pathway for yourself and loved ones for those middle of the night bathroom trips.
-Just like you can raise your garage door remotely, you can also unlock your door as you arrive home.
-You can have specially created mood lighting.
-You can keep your pets on a feeding schedule at just the right amount.

Some security systems can not only wake you up with an alarm but if it detects a fire it can unlock the doors and alert the fire department. Truly, today’s homeowners have more access than ever before to professional home automation that makes life easier. At Elevate Automation, our specialists work with Utah homeowners, builders, and contractors to modernize your living experience!