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Do you want to experience the amazing visuals and surround sound experience of a movie theater in the comfort of your own home? Elevate Automation is proud to offer quality home theater installation for Utah residents who want to enjoy the big screen without ever leaving the house to drive in the cold winter months or the sweltering heat of summer.

Having your own movie theater in your home allows you to get that larger-than-life experience of your favorite movies without the hassle of people talking to their neighbor, kicking your chair, or lighting up your seating area with a bright smartphone screen (or if they do, you can certainly tell your guests to knock it off!).

For avid moviegoers, having your own private theater can save you money in the long run. Not having to pay for pricey movie tickets, costly concessions or vehicle parking fees adds up. Having the luxury of a home theater is also affordable when you are working with dedicated professionals like our team.

We can tailor your home theater experience to suit your needs. Are you wanting to show movies, concerts or sporting events on the big screen for family, friends, co-workers or neighbors? We help you customize your theater room affordably whether you are choosing furniture, equipment, or the room that will house the theater, all of which reflect your personality.

If you are a frequent host or hostess, you can share the joy with those you care about or just want to impress. Your children can invite friends over for movie nights, and you can invite your neighbors over for game night. And by game, we mean watching them an event on the big screen! Even watching traditional old family favorites during holiday celebrations can create lasting memories.

Even the value of your home rises with the inclusion of a home theater. And it can happen in a space as small as 200 square feet. You don’t have to have an entire basement dedicated to the room if you don’t have it. A home theater adds value even as a home pool can when it comes to future buyers.

For the best possible experience when considering investing in a home theater system is to work with a team of professionals like Elevate Automation. We offer the latest technology, such as Dolby Atmos, along with expertise in audio, lighting, and visual. Just give us a call at (469) 656-4804 if you are ready to create your custom home theater. We are excited to help you create the home theater of your dreams!