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When it comes to smart home technology, having a central vacuum is not only smart but convenient with the capacity to increase your home resale value. One of the home upgrades we offer at Elevate Automation for homeowners, builders and contractors is central vacuuming.

Whether you are building a new home or upgrading an old one, installing a central vacuum is a smart investment that saves you money as you don’t have to routinely replace it like a portable one. Central vacuums typically go for 10 years before needing maintenance or replacing attachments. The initial investment is the same as a major home appliance, but this cost is recouped should you decide to sell your home. In fact, central vacuums are one of the top 5 items that influence a home when it is time to sell!

Your central vacuum can be installed without tearing down or damaging walls in your home and can usually be installed in a day. Since the pipes can be fed through a crawl space, closet, basement or attic, the only hole needed will be covered with an inlet backing plate. A central vacuum system offers you:


You choose the canister and filtration disposal system you want so there’s no canister or bag cleaning after every use. You only need carry a lightweight vacuum hose and a wand with a vacuum cleaning head, there’s no hauling a heavy canister or upright vacuum around the house, or up and down stairs that can ding walls and furniture. There’s also no plugging and unplugging as you go! Armed with any attachments you might need, it’s easier than ever to clean all the nooks and crannies in your home.

A Deep Clean

The large motor in these systems has up to 5x the power of a portable vacuum while also staying cooler because of its location. The motor offers stronger suction with more power than a conventional vacuum, removing more dirt out of your home with ease, and extending the life of your carpet and furniture.


Unlike their portable counterparts, central vacuums are quieter since the motor is based in either a garage, basement, utility room or closet.

Clean Air

A central vacuum keeps the air in your home cleaner, making it ideal for those in the home with allergies or asthma. The unit extracts dust, dirt and particle debris (pollen and pet dander) in the home and exhausted outside, whereas a portable vacuum exhausts the allergens back into the home air.

If you are looking for a lightweight, powerful, convenient and quiet vacuum, a central vacuum system is your best bet. Whether you are a home builder, a homeowner, or having your dream home built in Utah, we encourage you to speak with our expert team to learn more on how to make that dream a reality!