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At Elevate Automation in Utah, we are pleased to help homeowners enjoy the state-of-the-art potential of their home audio system. Thanks to technological advances, smartphones, and streaming services, you now have quick and easy access to a wide range of entertainment available at your fingertips.

Whether you have an LCD TV (liquid crystal display), LED TV (light emitting diode), Smart TV, or a home theater, or you have speakers located in certain rooms throughout your home, you can move your music experience from room to room as needed with the help of special audio equipment. At Elevate Automation, we offer Dolby Atmos audio equipment for our customers.

You can listen to all the popular streaming services and on-demand Internet radio as much as you like while sending your tunes to different rooms and adjusting the volume even when you’re not in the room. Dolby Atmos is one of the latest innovators providing high definition surround sound audio. And even though Atmos soundtracks work well with a traditional five-speaker-and-subwoofer it can work with as many speakers as you might have in your space.

It wasn’t too long ago that home audio consisted of CD players, speaker systems that were hard to tune just right, recordable tape decks and all-in-one-radios. Today you can get the cinema-quality sound you want, reflecting today’s innovative audio advances.

Dolby Atmos Sound System

Because sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, when you listen through the Dolby Atmos sound system, you feel like you are part of the experience. Let’s take a look at how Dolby Atmos transforms your audio listening experience:

– It shifts sound around you for a surround sound effect thanks to dedicated rear surround speakers.
– Instead of being confined to channels, the sound can be moved around with precision in a three-dimensional space.
– It offers you a dimension of sound overhead with upward-firing speakers, giving you a full audio atmosphere so that you can hear things moving above you.
– The immersive sound quality is breathtaking, whether you are listening to crystal clear dialogue or quiet scenes, thanks to the sound bar.
– With the help of a wireless subwoofer, you can experience room-shaking bass.
– Google Assistant give you voice control.
– You can stream sound to multiple rooms, and your streaming can come via Chromecast, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

By turning to Elevate Automation for your sound system needs, our technicians can install the Dolby Atmos system to give you the audio you want throughout your home. So if you currently reside in the state of Utah and you are looking to experience the full potential of your home audio system, we invite you to give us a call at 801-901-8840 and speak to one of the home automation specialists.