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When the home automation specialists at Elevate Automation design and install a home theater or home audio system, we use exacting standards and high-quality components to provide you with a crisp, clear entertainment experience. We recognize that the equipment is a serious investment, and as such, it may require some periodic cleaning.

Dust and fingerprints on screens as well as dust, pet dander and lint can alter the quality of your experience. Before cleaning any component, you should turn off all related equipment.

You should never use abrasive cleaning fluids or a common rag to clean spilled liquid or food. If you do need to use a cleaning fluid make sure it has been created specifically for cleaning electronic equipment. Otherwise, a simple microfiber cloth can often be used to remove dust from your television screens and speakers. Be sure to wipe with a gentle motion so as not to scratch a screen or other component.

Sometimes a light area of dust that has worked its way into a small space can be removed by using a can of pressurized air. Just be sure to thoroughly shake the can first and you should stop the application if any of the aerosol components start to come out.

If you have recently had home theater or audio equipment installed by Elevate Automation and you have a cleaning or maintenance question, you can always call 801-901-8840 to speak to one of our representatives.