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Welcome to Elevate Automation where we offer not only home theater, security, audio, and surveillance systems, but lighting services that can transform your living space. In fact, lighting can make a house into a home and let your personality shine. Well-lit rooms are used while badly lit ones tend to be avoided.

Good lighting functions by setting the tone and creating the atmosphere in a room. Whether it is recessed in the ceiling or mounted in or on walls, or even recessed in the floor or walls at a low level, it can impact what kind of finishes you use, the layout of your furniture arrangement, and even how your house will flow.

When it comes to artificial lighting in this modern age, you can get it in various hues and intensities which also allows you to duplicate natural lighting. Proper lighting can offer you focal points within a room because the human eye goes to the brightest point. So for example, if you want to highlight a mirror over your fireplace, you might install a recessed light.

This means you’ll want to take into account the use of the room to match it with the appropriate lighting. A utility room or laundry room will benefit from compact fluorescent lighting that is glare-free. If you are setting up a den or study, you’ll benefit from task lighting. When outfitting an open floor plan such as a living room, dining room and kitchen, having a mixture of LED spots along with low-level floor washes and under pantry task lights can help give you the depth and texture you want in the space.

While task lighting is focused and tends to come from one kind of fitting, mood lighting has various light sources and can be soft and diffuse in its effects. While compact, linear fluorescent lights are less expensive and easy to install, they are often used in backroom areas whole LED (Light Emitting Diode) is pretty much maintenance free and cool when touched. A directional recessed spotlight is often used to bounce reflected light off of walls to open up space in a room. Dimming lights affect mood and can successfully be used even in a simple setting. Table lamps should not be compact fluorescent lamps but rather, energy saving lamps.

As you can see, good lighting is an important aspect of any home. Our whole-house control systems that will help you and your family live more efficiently, economically and conveniently. Whether you are a homeowners, builder, or contractor, if you would like more information about our quality electrical wiring and lighting, we welcome you to give us a call today!